Investment platform Epay-X : earn up to 5% a day with a new payment system ( Our bonus is 20% )

Топ лучших высокодоходных проектов для инвестирования в 2020 году. Мониторинг HYIP проектов. Рефинанс и страховка партнерам. Лучшая партнерская программа в Интернете! / Top best high-yield investment projects in 2020. Monitoring Hyip projects. Refinance and insurance partners. The best affiliate program on the Internet!

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Investment platform Epay-X : earn up to 5% a day with a new payment system ( Our bonus is 20% )

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Investment platform Epay-X : earn up to 5% a day with a new payment system ( Bonus from HyipoMania.Com 20% , Our deposit insurance is 1000 dollars!)

Investment platform Epay-X began its work in 27 of November in 2019.
Investors, who are always looking for something new had already worked on it and made their decisions. A lot of opinions concerning the personality of organizer of the project. No one knows who he is. But the project is high leveled. Possibly a very big amount of funds were spent on it, because its work shows the plans of organizer - to earn money during a long time... More that one month or one year.


Registration in the project Epay-X


This project reminds me the full payment system, where nothing tells regarding the investment branches. But it is. It will be in any case. There are no information about the tariffs, deposits and external incomes. But information is absent only on the main page. If you will go further in the website you will find all for sure. It will take about 10 minutes to understand the system and you will know where to look for.
There are two main tarrifs on the Epay-X. The most convenient and profitable is the tarrif named "CRYPTOCURRENCY". Using it you will receive the high income percents.


You will receive the profit during 185 business days. Daily profit is from 1% till 5%.
System have limited deposit size now, so you can to put 25 USD per day. Maximal amount of deposit should be not bigger than 100$.
What tells us that the goal of project is to exist for a long time?

The fact that he appeared before the New Year period and the way how it is made. It doesn't look like platforms, which are made for the rapid earnings and to disappear.

Information about company Epay-X
Epay-X is the payment system, that have its own headquarters in Great Britain. You can check the British license on the company's website. The legend that is written on the website tells that at least people from more than 100 countries use this payment system. Customers can receive their own card or to make money transfer in the foreign country.

Epay-X com investment terms

Epay-X system it's a service for investors who put their money in the forex trading system and cryptocurrencies. The best way on this platform is to invest in both systems. Tarrif plan allows you to earn money without loss and with maximal speed.

Minimal amount of money investment on "Forex" tariff is 10 $. You can receive profit during the 365 business days. Incomes on this tariff is from 0,5 till 1,5% per day.
In the best case you will clear your expenses after 67 business days. Otherwise you will reimburse on the day №200.

"CRYPTOCURRENCY" tariff provides for minimal sum of investsment - 10$.
Profit from 1 till 5% per day. Maximal invest term is about 185 business days.
Maximal percent of profit 825%. You will clear your expenses during the 20-100 days.

If you have additional funds and it is no rush with the profit, choose the first option
If you need your money asap the best way is to choose the second tariff plan.

Withdraw and deposit on Epay-X platform
As we told before minimal sum of money for deposit is 10$.
List of platforms which you can use for transfering money on your account are writeen on website. All money transactions are in USD currency. Limit for deposit is 25 USD per day. Regarding the withdrawal - it is automatic and instant.
Once the query is done - money are transferring to the registered account.


Partnership program

Partnership program is very easy. Pass the registration and invite the friends. From their amount of deposit you will receive 10%.

How to get a bonus ( refback from HyipoMania.Com )

In Epay-X, I provide a refback of 20% of the deposit.

You can get 10% of each top-up on your account in the accounts of the HyipoMania.Com forums, regardless of the amount. Charges are held in the portal’s internal currency - Shockels. The rate of 1 Shockel is now equal to 1 US dollar.
For example, you replenished $ 100 in Epay-X, sent a request for a refback and I transferred 20 Shockels to your account.

To get your refback, register using my referral link ( I should be in the inviting field, anasbug ), replenish the balance and leave a request on the refback request page ( ).

How to withdraw a bonus HyipoMania.Com to your Perfect Money or Payer wallet.

All VIP users of HyipoMania.Com ( ... 94&t=16530 ) can withdraw any amount of refback upon request in live mode. It is enough to apply for any of the contacts of the administration of the forums.

Ordinary users of HyipoMania.Com just need to make an application for restructuring the bonus. The bonus in this case is frozen and transferred to the user's wallets in different parts within 10 months at 10% of the total amount.

For example: on account of a regular, non-VIP user, 1,000 Shockels have accumulated. You apply for restructuring, immediately receive 100 USD for one of your wallets, and then monthly receive another 9 payments of $ 100.

Shockels can be used to purchase VIP access and other services of Shock Models and HypoMania without restrictions to all users.

How to register with Absolute Trend

1. Use this link to go to the official website of the project.

2. Use the “Register” button.
Well, then as usual. If you have questions, please ask here in the project topic and in our Telegram chat


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